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  • Perfect for Couples

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Quick Details

Private Flight All Ages • Includes 2 passengers

Up, Up and Away! Enjoy a Two-Person Hot Air Balloon Ride!

About Our Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

We offer hot air balloon rides all year long. the most important thing to understand is the weather dependency. We cancel 75% of our rides due to winds or bad weather. Everything else is easy.

Join us for a three hour adventure with one hour of actual flight time over the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. We launch from our Lakeland, MN balloon port just three blocks off the river (at sunrise and two hours before sunset). The flight offers a champagne celebration upon landing where each passenger receives an engraved, keepsake champagne flute

Love Takes Flight: Experience the Magic of Hot Air Ballooning Together

Since ballooning is our passion, we decided to have a bit of fun with it… Do you want to drag her out of bed to show her the balloon standing in your back yard waiting for your ascent? Do you want to waltz out of your wedding and into the sky? Do you want to get on your knees and still be 2000 feet over the ground? Do you want to show up at the park in which you proposed 25 years ago only to find us waiting and her speechless? Do you want us at your parent’s 60th wedding anniversary? Do you want a picnic laid out, a party with tether rides, roses, pastries… tell us your dreams and we will tell you if we can make them a reality.

Come fly with us!